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Fee Schedule

A&G Title and Abstract Co., Inc.

Fee Schedule

A& G Title and Abstract Co., Inc., (“Agent”), as agent for the Title Insurance Company (‘Underwriter”), will receive compensation as shown on the Good Faith Estimate prepared for actual title insurance orders. Alternate title insurance policy coverages and/or endorsements may be available. Please contact the Agent for a description of alternate coverages and premium quotes or for any other additional information. The premiums for policies of title insurance are approved by the New York State Department of Financial Services (“NYS DFS”), Insurance Division, pursuant to rate filings. The Underwriter is a member of the Title Insurance Rate Service Association (“TIRSA”). These rates are standard for all members of TIRSA. The NYS DFS also approves policy and endorsement forms. The Agent does not have any material ownership interest in the Underwriter, nor does the Underwriter have any material ownership interest in the Agent. The Insurance Law prohibits reducing or rebating any portion of the premium paid to the Underwriter for the title insurance policy whether by reducing the agents’ compensation or otherwise.

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